Philippe Bardy, Towards an Epistemology of Digital Patients Self-Care 

Pascale Bourret, Singularization in the Cancer Clinic: Genomics, Targeted Therapies & Emerging Diagnostic Entities & Configurations

Joël de RosnayConnected Devices & Digital Health Networks from the Patients’ Perspective

Maxime Derian, An Anthropological Outlook on Connected Health Devices

Gérard DubeyBeyond Traces: Towards a Socio-Anthropology of eHealth

Alexandre Duclos, From Care-Robot to Sex-Toy: Appropriation at the Core of Experience

Pascal Ducournau, DIY Genetic Testing: an Expression of Contemporary Healthism?

Farzana Dudhwala, The Role of Numbers in Perceptions of Self and Self-Improvement

Anna Harris, Me, in and on a Tube: Narratives of Online Genetic Testers

Justine LaurentFrom Active Patient Towards Biological Self: The Case of the “Quantified Self”

Jacques Lucas, Ethical Implications of the Use of Connected Health Devices and Mobile Applications

Ilana Löwy, From Savvy Consumers to Informed Risk Managers: Shifting Images of Medical Self-Care

Antonio Maturo, Healthism, Self-Quantification, Biomedicalization, Gamified Taylorism and Technological Solutionism as Engines for the Commodification of Health

Dominique Memmi, Denying Human Biology as Destiny

Nelly Oudshoorn, Who Cares? How Telecare Technologies Transform the Daily Life of Patients

Mauro Turrini, Practicing the Biomedicine-to-Come: Medical Imaginaries and Clinical Labor in Direct-to-Consumer Genetic Testing

Richard Tutton, Towards an Archaeology of Self-Care

Carine Vassy, Avoiding Genetic Anomalies: Pre-Natal Screening of Down Syndrome Across Europe 


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